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Our mission is simple: develop and invest in best-in-class healthcare and life science technologies. As the world’s first virtual venture capital firm, we know this requires collaboration with a diverse group of leaders across the industry. To that end, we have a team of world-class Venture Partners that make FundRx possible. Our Venture Partners are clinicians, scientists, industry executives, lawyers, investors, policy shapers, entrepreneurs, and consultants.

Venture Partners join FundRx because they are excited to help entrepreneurs build innovative products and technologies that improve patient care. While fundraising for these endeavors is key, long-term value is created through the mentorship, connections, and guidance that our Venture Partners offer to FundRx entrepreneurs.


Venture Partners receive:

  • The unique opportunity to co-invest, at their discretion, in any FundRx deals
  • Support for launching and developing their own ventures
  • Access to a network of exceptional peers on the FundRx Platform
  • Ongoing access to special events, dinners and company presentations
  • The ability to take advisory positions with portfolio companies
  • Consulting opportunities with our limited investment partners and portfolio companies

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If you are interested in becoming a FundRx Venture Partner, please share your contact details below to get in touch with our leadership team. We look forward to speaking with you.

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