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Our mission is simple: develop and invest in best-in-class healthcare and life science ventures. As the world’s first peer-reviewed venture capital firm, we know this requires collaboration with a diverse group of physicians, scientists, and industry advisors. To that end, we are always looking to invite individuals with unique expertise to join our Peer Review Council – a network of leading experts who evaluate and qualify companies seeking funding.

The chief responsibility of Council Members is to invest their intellectual capital by peer-reviewing deals within their area of expertise. Understanding that Council Members have numerous clinical, scientific, and professional obligations, participation in peer-reviews is designed to be highly flexible and only as their time permits.


As a cooperative organization, Council Members receive unique opportunities, including:

  • The unique opportunity to co-invest in select deals
  • The ability to take advisory positions with portfolio companies
  • Support for launching and developing their own ventures
  • Access to a network of exceptional peers on the Peer Review Council
  • Ongoing access to special events, dinners and company presentations
  • Extensive consulting opportunities with our limited investment partners

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If you are interested in joining our Peer Review Council, please share your contact details below to get in touch with our research team. We look forward to speaking with you.

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