Entrepreneur Overview


We’re an early-stage venture capital firm exclusively focused on health. We back creative people inventing novel therapeutics, designing the next-generation of medical devices, pioneering new technology for providers and risk-bearers, and bringing new clinical care models and wellness products to consumers.

How We Serve

We work for our entrepreneurs, not the other way around.  We believe in letting founders run their businesses, and in providing hands-on, aggressive support that is actually helpful to you — that means actionable introductions, that we show up when you call, that we help with recruiting, and frankly, do whatever else we can to win together. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that building a great business is tough — and our commitment is to work with you to make it happen.

We’re a bit unconventional as far as VC firms go — we’re privileged to work with a community of 1,000+ physicians, scientists, exited entrepreneurs, and industry leaders (our ‘Venture Partners’) to support each and every one of the companies in our portfolio. When we invest, it’s not just our investment team backing you, but a group of people that are in the trenches day-to-day and can provide guidance and resources to get you and your company to the next level.

Investment Details

  • First things first: your time is ultra-valuable. When we invest, we focus on the questions we need to understand to get to the core of your business — the goal is to to take up a limited amount of your time and give you answers fast.
  • We typically look to invest between $250,000 to $1,000,000 in Seed and Series A financings of biotechnology, medical device, healthcare technology, healthcare services, and wellness companies. We also maintain a pool of reserve capital which we selectively use to fund portfolio companies through their next round of growth.
  • In general, the majority of our investment will come from FRx Select I, LP, an internally managed fund which we are actively investing from. We also typically form a co-investment vehicle which enables members of our venture partner community - especially those that can be value-add to your business - to invest with us. There’s only one investor for you to manage (FundRx), but the goal is to bring in domain experts who can help us partner with you in your early years of growth.
  • We focus primarily on investments in the US and Canada, though will selectively consider exceptional companies outside of these geographies.

Get in Touch

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to make a big impact on others’ lives, we hope you’ll get in touch with us. Usually, the best way to reach us is through a mutual connection.